Frequently Asked Questions

Check payments page.

You can place an order directly through the website, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about size and inventory. It should be noted that if you choose a payment method, you will have to contact us for the next step to complete the payment .

We use a variety of methods to ship your items to be delivered to your doorstep. Due to the nature of our products, they are sometimes detected and rejected for export. This might mean that the original tracking number that was generated and emailed to you has been rendered invalid. Please reach out to us if you noticed any anomalies on your tracking status.

No, we don't accept rush orders.
We can send to you some pictures we have when you inquiry, but no promise we will meet all you picture needs. Please check website pictures in this case, all photos are real shotted. If you want more pictures of your order, you can note it in order notes, we will send to you when ship.
If you think there is a problem with your package or order, please feel free to contact us. At present, there is nothing we can do to track all orders, and good communication is the key means to solve the problem. Thank you for understanding.

Because the credit card payment gateway will charge an additional fee of 5%-10%.

For PayPal payments in friends option, PayPal would charge a fee from sender.

My package shows that it has been signed but it is not in my mailbox/door, what should I do? Please check with your neighbors or family to see if they helped sign for your package. In addition, contact the delivery company to confirm the final location of the package. If the package is stolen by a stranger, we are sorry that we cannot provide more help. Please pay attention when the tracking number is available, and contact the delivery person to ensure that the package is not placed in a location where it is easy to be stolen.
Consider the possibility of a neighbor or family member signing or keeping it on your behalf. Also check if the package has been taken away by a stranger. Contact the carrier and provide the tracking number to check. Refund is not possible in this case. If the package is confirmed lost after the delivery is completed, depending on the situation, we can provide you with a discounted price The solution of the same order.
No original boxing for Balenciaga, McQueen, and Dior shoes. The box too big. Other sneakers ship with original box. All clothing only have plastic bags, for example no LV box for LV clothing. Please be aware of that before purchase. Due to customs pass considerations, slippers/slides/foam runner(Yeezy), accessories and hats are not shipped with the box. For Yeezy slides and foam runner, if you want box, text us before paying, we need to charge extra shipping fee.