Frequently Asked Questions

Due to understaffing and ever-changing inventory, we are currently unable to manage inventory quantities accurately. We may not proactively notify for products that can be restocked in the short term. If you encounter a similar situation with your order, you have the option of replacing it with an equivalent product at the same price, or canceling your order.  
Our website does not have an automatic deduction function. Orders must be paid manually before they can be processed and shipped. Please complete the payment and provide proof of payment according to the payment information we sent. If you reply directly to the payment but there is no proof of payment, we did not find corresponding transaction, We will no longer reply and explain.

Your package may be being shipped, or being transported at a different station to reach the final delivery service receiving point to obtain the tracking number, please don’t worry, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us to check the status of your package.

All parcels need at least 2-3 days of transportation to reach our courier departure station. If the displayed shipping date is different, this is the reason.

Before the shipment information is received by DHL or other service, the package may undergo different airport transportation to the location of the DHL or other service collection point. As the shipment is shipped from China, it will cause delays. This does not mean that your package is staying in one place or not shipped.