Before Purchase

Questions in review will be auto-erased
Due to understaffing and ever-changing inventory, we are currently unable to manage inventory quantities accurately. We may not proactively notify for products that can be restocked in the short term. If you encounter a similar situation with your order, you have the option of replacing it with an equivalent product at the same price, or canceling your order.  
You can cancel the order before we ship it, but this is not applicable to all products. For orders that have been shipped and need to be cancelled, we will charge at least $10 as a fee for intercepting the goods. And it can only be cancelled within 1 day after package sent out, and it cannot be cancelled after the time has passed. Please consider carefully before placing an order to reduce trouble for each other.
We can send to you some pictures we have when you inquiry, but no promise we will meet all you picture needs. Please check website pictures in this case, all photos are real shotted. If you want more pictures of your order, you can note it in order notes, we will send to you when ship.
No original boxing for Balenciaga, McQueen, and Dior shoes. The box too big. Other sneakers ship with original box. All clothing only have plastic bags, for example no LV box for LV clothing. Please be aware of that before purchase. Due to customs pass considerations, slippers/slides/foam runner(Yeezy), accessories and hats are not shipped with the box. For Yeezy slides and foam runner, if you want box, text us before paying, we need to charge extra shipping fee.

All international duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer and are not included at checkout.

We will post coupons in different platforms from time to time. You can try it on the checkout page.

We accept returns within 7 days after package signed for delivery. However due to expensive freight of international parcels, although we spend 30-60$ for unit of 1kg, you could met the situation of 80$ for unit of 1kg to return from your home to our return address. If things can be solved in other ways we’d love to and recommend you do that. We only provide virtual compensation services including but not limited to discounts, store credit or partial refunds.

Depending on your country’s/region’s law and jurisdiction, it may be unlawful to purchase replicas. Custom officials from certain countries may conduct random checks and may confiscate your order should they deem it to be unlawful. Our insurance option provides for a one-time free replacement at no extra charge, should your original order be seized by customs.

If you are concerned that your order may be confiscated by customs, we highly recommend adding an insurance coverage.

An insurance coverage will cost 7% (min as 10$)(For example, for an order with142$ the insurance is 10$) per order. In the event of a seizure by customs, we will reship your order once for free.

In the absence of insurance, we will charge for the second shipment. If a refund is requested, only part of it can be refunded.

Insurance coverage acts as a safeguard against seizure of reps by your local country’s customs only. In the uncommon event of a seizure by authorities, we will provide a ONE-TIME free reship of your order.

We will request for adequate proof of seizure (official letterheads, proof of contact) as we deem fit. All claims would have to be made to our side. Our decision is final and absolute.

Check payments page.